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James, How can I get the codes out of my 1989 Plymouth Sundance without a scanner? Frank, Valdosta, Ga.

Frank, Chrysler has kept it simple for quite a few years to get the codes to flash on the dash for you. Here is all you have to do on your make and model Chrysler product: Turn the ignition switch to on, off, on, off, on. The third time you turn it to on, wait. The check engine light on your dash will start to flash the stored hard codes. It will flash first a long flash then two short flashes which is a code 12 (battery disconnected in the last 50 key starts is what 12 means) then when it gets to the end it will flash 5 long flashes and 5 short flashes which is a code 55 (end of codes). Write back next week to tell me what codes you got so that I can help you get pointed in the right direction. Thanks for the question!


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