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James: Recently my wife called the Nissan dealer to order the OEM correct antifreeze. The parts guy and service guy at the dealer tried to talk her out of buying the expensive Nissan OEM coolant (it is green) they said they use regular, traditional green antifreeze because it is cheaper. After listening to your radio show I decided to buy the correct Nissan coolant anyway. The other item that bothers me is the dealership uses tap water, not de-mineralized or distilled water when they change the antifreeze. The back of the Nissan Antifreeze bottle says to use a 50/50 mix of genuine Nissan antifreeze along with distilled water or de-mineralized water. My question is, “Why does the dealership use the old traditional type antifreeze and not the new type Organic Acid Technology (OAT) antifreeze? They are supposed to be experts on their vehicles.” Carrie T. Destin, Fl

Carrie, People are resistant to change no matter what kind of change it is. When I looked at the picture you sent me of the back of the bottle of antifreeze it said it was green in color. This MAY be the reason the dealership uses the traditional Silica based antifreeze because it to, is green. Most people don’t study the differences in automotive fluids like I do, so if it looks the same and goes in the radiator then it must be good to use. This kind of thinking will get you in trouble very quickly on today’s cars. On the back of the Genuine Nissan Antifreeze bottle it says it does not contain amines or silicates which MAY HARM water pump seals. It states it does not contain borates that MAY cause aluminum pitting or corrosion. Being green in color is the only thing traditional silica antifreeze and the newer OAT (Organic Acid Technology antifreeze) has in common. OAT antifreeze will do a superior job of protecting the water pump, engine block and heads as well as the radiator. It can only do this if it is properly mixed with distilled or de-mineralized water. Tap water has impurities that WILL clog up and destroy your cars cooling system by producing electrical chemical degradation (ECD). This is how your radiator hoses are destroyed from the inside out. Tap water has NEVER been recommended to be used in cars, ever! In summary never use antifreeze that is NOT specifically designed to be used in your car. If your car calls for the traditional antifreeze, don’t use OAT (Organic Acid Technology) antifreeze. The same holds true for cars that use OAT antifreeze should never use silica based antifreeze. Never every use tap water or well water in your cars cooling system unless you have an emergency situation on the side of the road. If you do use tap water, change all of your vehicles coolant as soon as you can. If not, unseen damage will soon start to take place in your cars cooling system. James


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