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My radio in my 1993 Ford F150 quit working. The radio has power to it but the speakers quit. I took the stereo (CD player) out and looked for a short or a disconnected wire to the speaker harness. Everything looks great. I disconnected the factory connector with the power (ignition on) and reconnected them together again and boom...the sound came on. Here is where it gets interesting. I turned off the ignition and turned it back on and NO SOUND! I only get the speakers to work when I disconnect and reconnect the connectors. What’s wrong? Please help me!! Luanne

Luann, You sound like you are determined to get this radio working! (Since you have removed this radio out of the truck, no easy job I must say) You SAY are able to get it to work ONLY when you unplug and plug in the connectors with the power on. This tells me the speakers and power supply are correct and the problem is INSIDE the radio. What I suspect is one of the "cold solder joint" connectors INSIDE the radio MAY BE the culprit. Over time (11 year old truck) the vibrations of driving has made something "come loose)" My advice is “proceed to a radio repair shop" or replace with a known good used one from a salvage yard. Ford used the same type and size radio for years and a later model radio should fit just fine. The price to repair may exceed what a known good used one may cost. Either way, I don't recommend you tearing the radio itself apart to repair. If you decide to "tear the radio apart", look over ever soldered connection on the circuit board with a magnifying glass. Look very close at where the connectors "plug in" to the circuit board. Who knows you just might get lucky and see an obvious bad spot! The worse thing you can do is tear up a non-working radio


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