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Hello James, How you doing? My question is in regard to the NEW Royal Purple oil filter I have seen on Horsepower T.V. show last week. They were saying real good things about it, will this be the next ultimate oil filter on the market as far as being the best top notch oil filter that I can buy for my vehicle........? John B.

John, Great question about some “spin off” oil filters being better than other “spin off” oil filters on today’s cars! So let us look at what makes one filter better than the other. 1) Does it have a check valve to hold oil in the filter when the engine is off? (Some inexpensive filters omit this feature and can cause severe damage over time) 2) How much surface media area does the oil filter have to filter the oil? 3) What is the type “media” does the filter use to filter the motor oil? Paper, cloth, fiberglass, wire mesh etc. These items above are the main differences between filters that are on the market today. Of course some may even have magnets in them to collect metal particles that get past the filtration process. For the average driver the inexpensive OE (Original Equipment) oil filter is good for around 3 to 6 thousand miles (depending if you are a normal or severe service type driver) The purpose of an oil filter is to collect impurities that are made in your engine while it operates that are organic and inorganic. Organic contaminants include bacteria and other organisms that form gross sludge. Inorganic contaminants consist of dust that’s ingested into the engine, along with trace amounts of wear metals from bearings and other internal parts. Here is the best advice that I can give that comes from the (SAE) Society of Automotive Engineers. Use the best oil that is designed for your car and change your oil filter every time you change your oil. Having your oil changed every 4 to 6000 miles using high quality synthetic oil and OE type filter will insure that you will wear out your vehicle driver’s seat long before you wear out your engine. But if you insist on going more than 6,000 miles on your oil and filter change then an aftermarket type high density media filtration system would be in order with full synthetic oil. Remember oil does NOT wear out. It becomes overloaded with impurities that are organic and inorganic. This is the purpose of your oil filter to trap these impurities from destroying your engine. It is like the old FRAM oil filter commercial of the 70’s, Pay me now, or Pay me later!


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