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Dear James, I have a 2003 Ford Eddie Bauer Explorer V6. Every so often while driving the truck it will just quit. I coast to the side of the road and wait a couple of minutes. Then truck cranks up and runs fine. It might not do this again for 6 weeks or several months. It has over 100,000 miles and I already changed fuel filter. And changing the fuel filter didn't have any affect on solving this problem. This truck is well maintained and I follow my owner’s manual for maintenance schedule. Do you have any idea what the problem is? Could it be the fuel pump? Someone suggested the electronic computer or ECM but I want to know for sure. Larry on the Internet

Dear Internet Larry, Boy, you are sure asking a lot for me to figure out with limited information that you have sent me. So here goes with what you need to know to make a good repair decision. 1) You need to see if any codes are STORED in the computer. To do this correctly you will need to find a shop that can look at not just current codes but pending codes. So this takes out your local parts store. Parts stores only have code readers and can’t dive into the inner areas of your trucks computer. 2) If no codes are present or stored then a fuel pump pressure test and volume test along with a wave pattern test is needed to determine if the fuel pump is the problem. In order to do this job properly, a digital lab scope is needed, as well as fuel pump testing equipment. So you will need a well equipped repair shop for these tests as well. 3) If there is nothing wrong with the fuel pump then I would look very close at the crankshaft positioning sensor. This is the cheapest part that MAY be the cause of your problem. To verify that the crank sensor is good, a digital lab scope will be needed to look at the signal it sends to the computer. You will need a good repair shop to do this test properly or you could just change it and see what happens. Of course changing auto parts without knowing if they are the broken can get rather expensive. If you really want my professional advice, find the best automotive diagnostic shop in your town. Then pay them to diagnose your problem then pay them to repair this problem with a written nationwide warranty such as a NAPA Auto Care Center or Carquest Tech Net Repair Center. In the long run you will save money and save pulling your hair out. This way the repair shop can fix your car BEFORE you have to have the car towed in due to a no start problem. Of course this problem will never happen till you really have to be somewhere in a hurry or when you are going on vacation. This is how Murphy’s Law seems to always work. Have a great weekend!


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