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Dear James, I have a 2001 Ford Ranger w/ 2.3L engine. When cranking in the morning or after sitting for 4-5 hours, the oil pressure gauge stays at 0 until it warms up a bit. I would like to replace the oil pressure sensor, but the Haynes book I have has no mention or location of the sensor in it. Could you help? Dale

Dale, In most Fords or in fact just about any vehicle the oil sending unit is normally close to the oil filter. On the Ford 2.3 Liter engine this holds true. The problem you are talking about is a pretty common problem with Ford vehicles regardless of the size engine. Changing the sending unit does not always take care of this problem with the gauge reading low for a few seconds. Sometimes it is the oil gauge itself and this can turn into an expensive repair. My advice is to remove the sending unit and temporally install a mechanical gauge to make sure that you DO have good oil pressure on start ups. I do know that installing aftermarket oil filters that are not OE quality may cause this problem. If this is the case, then the oil is running back into the oil pan when it sits. This will cause the truck to start up with little or no oil pressure which may mean the gauge is reading correctly. Let me know what you find.


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