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Dear Auto Advisor, I have a 2005 Subaru Baja Turbo sedan. There seems to be some kind of venting problem in the gas tank. And it is very hard to get gas to go into the fuel tank. It will only take 1/3 gallon of fuel at a time before it keeps “ clicking” the pump off like it’s full. What's could the problem be, and is this an easy fix?

The first step you need to do before you do anything is to see if any codes are stored in the computer. If your check engine light is illuminated on your dash then you have a stored code in the computer. In most cases the symptom that you have a P1443 code will be set. What I have found in the past on Hyundai's and other imports with this condition/symptom is the code P1443 (Evaporative Vent Control failure). Here are the three tests needed to check out this problem. 1. Disconnect the charcoal canister vent hoses to see if the fuel tank will accept fuel. 2. If it does, check for a restriction in the charcoal canister or the drain filter. 3. If it does not have a restriction, check for a faulty vent valve or restricted hose going to the canister. Of course the tests sound so simple until you start actually doing them. For about 1 hour labor at most auto diagnostic repair shops they can make sure what your problem is. Saving your back and keeping you from pulling out your hair. Hope this helps.


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