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Hello James! I have a 1993 B2200 pick up truck with only 97K miles I start notice white smoke from the exhaust for short period of time. The engine is not overheat she run pretty good, but the PCV valve get a white grease that cause the white smoke. I cleaned up but couple days later get the same white grease again, also I notice the same white grease under the oil cap. I'm afraid that the head gasket can be bad. I was told that these pick up trucks are bad for head gaskets! Any suggestions? Jose

Jose, I looked at the picture you sent me of the white residue under the PCV and oil filter cap. This is moisture that CAN be from a blown head gasket or a cracked head. The white smoke you are seeing is from coolant leaking into the combustion chamber after the engine has been shut off. When you start the truck up you are seeing steam, the truck may even have a slight miss for a few seconds until it warms up. Since you say it does not run hot then a crack in the cylinder head is most likely the culprit. What I may suggest is removing the valve cover and check the head bolts to the proper torque specifications. This will verify that there are no stripped out head bolts or broken ones. Once you have verified the head bolts are tight. Then purchase a bottle of ceramic type block sealer from your local NAPA parts store. Follow the instructions on the back of the bottle with out missing a step. This includes removing the thermostat and ALL the antifreeze. Failure to follow the instructions and flush all the antifreeze out will keep this ceramic sealer from working as it was designed. In most cases a small coolant leak that you seem to have will seal up completely and not be a problem in the future. Now you need to figure out what caused this problem in your truck, or you may not be so lucky in the future. I have seen that most causes of this problem occur due to a faulty thermostat that is sticking and/or a clogged radiator. So my final advice is to replace the thermostat and replace the radiator and/or have it professionally cleaned and flow tested. If you follow my advice this may save you hundreds if not thousands of $$$$$. New engines can get quite expensive as well as having to replace your truck with anther truck. Happy New Year, James


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