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. James My headlights are yellow on my 2002 Chevy Impala. I have been told that it will cost several hundred dollars to replace them. I heard you say on your show that they can be buffed out. Mine look like they have been painted with yellow paint. My question is, can the headlights be made to look new again by buffing them out? Janet

Janet, Yes they can be buffed out and polished for a fraction of what they cost to replace them. Does this mean they will stay bright and shiny? No, they will fade again and will need to be buffed out again. It is like your car will get dull and ugly if you don’t keep it polished. Well plastic headlights require the same care as your cars paint job. About twice a year you need to clean the road film off the headlights once you get them cleaned up. I know that 3M has developed a 5 step program to solving this problem with yellow headlights. And in severe cases it may require a 7 step sanding and polishing solution to solve this problem. It is like your wiper blades, twice a year you need to change the wiper blades and twice a year you need to clean and polish your plastic headlights. Have a great weekend!


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