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James, My 2005 Avalanche blows hot air on one side, Shut off the engine and restart all ok. I have searched the internet and lots of these complaints about this problem on Google. But no one has answers to address this problem. By the way, great radio show on Saturdays. Vance

Vance, I have seen this problem and it can be anything from a low charge in the a/c system to a faulty a/c control head. The first step is to find a shop that can address the a/c system with a scanner that is specific to your vehicle. Once they access the computer they MAY find codes in the memory of the computer. This is the first step to solving your problem. The codes they might find will show them what areas the computer “see’s” that are not working as designed. If there are no codes in the computer then the a/c system needs to be checked to insure that the system is fully charged. If it is charged fully and there are no codes found then a re-learn procedure must be done to insure that all the actuator doors are working as designed. Most shops charge around an hour to determine what the problem is. It is not as easy as changing parts because the new parts must be programmed to work properly with your vehicle. Hope that helps point you in the right direction.


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