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Dear James, My daughters 2001 Chevy Impala will not start sometimes. I first thought it was a bad battery, so I changed that. Then I changed the alternator, still it won’t start. If my daughter wants to start the car up she calls me to turn the key to the ON position at least 30 minutes before she need to start the car. If I do that, then the car will start. I have looked on the internet and some people say that the Pass-lock system is messed up. There does not seem to be a standard fix for this problem. My question is what steps are needed to correct this problem once and for all. Roy C. Panama City

Dear Roy, Step 1) Find a shop to verify this problem before you change any more parts. This is always the very first step of any problem on any vehicle. Failure to do this will cause you to spend more money and waste more time than is needed. Step 2) Pay the shop to diagnose the problem! Step 3) Get in writing the TOTAL amount that it will take to fix this problem, then have the shop repair it with a written warranty. Your car may need a computer reprogram or maybe it does need something changed to make it work properly. The days of just changing parts to fix a problem are over. 70% of drive-ability problems can be corrected by reconfiguration of yours cars computer software. Even if the parts are new and need to be replaced, the NEW parts still need to be programmed to operate properly in your vehicle. The manufacture designs electronic parts this way to be able to use the same parts in different vehicles. The only difference is the computer software that is loaded in your cars computer to make it the new parts work as they should! Tech tip: As we change our clocks back for the fall we should remember to change our wiper blades. Wiper blades sitting in the hot sun last about 6 months before the start to skip and streak. Forgetting to change your wiper blades will always remind you after you try to use them during a thunderstorm. To make the wiper blade replacement job complete, make sure that the windshield wiper fluid is full and clean. Here are the steps to do this simple procedure: 1) Put a water hose in the washer bottle and flush out till clean. 2) Add ¼ cup of sudsy ammonia to the clean water to keep your windshield clean of road film as well as your wiper blades. Have a great weekend!


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