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Dear James, My 1994 Ford F-150 sounds really loud when I take off from dead stop. As I reach cruising speed the noise goes away. It all started when I had my repair shop replace my radiator fan clutch. The shop told me that there is nothing they can do to stop this sound. And that this is the way it is supposed to sound. I know that it didn’t used to sound like this. So what is the real story about this fan clutch making noise? Clarence C.

Your problem sounds like an aftermarket fan clutch was used to replace your faulty fan clutch. The shop did not use the original equipment type fan clutch that came on the truck when it was new. This is a common problem when a fan clutch is replaced with an aftermarket fan clutch. A properly operating and designed fan clutch is supposed to engage ONLY when the engine coolant is hot at idle. It should disengage should not sound like a “jet”, when you take off from a dead stop. It should “freewheel” while at cruising speeds. The flow of air is enough to “cool down” the radiator while you are moving. This helps save fuel because the engine does not need to drive the radiator cooling fan.


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