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James, I just had all systems fluids changed and flushed in my 04 Buick La saber. My transmission worked smooth before, now it jerks and doesn't shift smoothly. Should I go back to the dealer or bring in to you to be checked out? Bill, Youngstown

Bill, “Too many cooks can spoil the broth” is an expression that can be applied to auto repair/service. Too many technicians can cause confusion and heartburn when it comes to problems with a previous repair. In my years of working on cars I have found the biggest problem with shops and customers is incomplete or miss-communication. This can all be avoided by taking a few minutes to communicate concerns about the car when it is dropped off and picked up for repairs. The best advice I can give anyone is always go for a ride with the repair facility BEFORE any work is started. This not only protects the customer, it protects the business as well. I have had shops tell me they don’t have time to go for rides before the work is started but they always have time to do it if the customer has a problem. Just about anyone who has had service and repair on a car at one time or another has noticed something “different” when they pick up their car up from a repair facility. Such as a noise that was not there before or a vibration or even a dent or scratch, or just something they just never noticed. The problem is called the “Since You Phenomenon”! Or “since you” worked on my car I now have this problem. This seems to be what you have going on with your 2004 Buick LaSabre. So my best advice is go back to the repair facility and have them go on a test drive with you to feel your concern. It may not be anything serious and they can take care of it easily while you wait. If you go to any other shop BEFORE you take it back to them then they MAY say it was something that was not done by them. So to avoid “spoiling the broth” give the repair shop an opportunity to look at the problem and correct it. This will save you money and keep your relationship with this company in a positive light.


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