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My 1990 T-Bird, 3.8L SC Supercharged, Just stopped running while I was driving and did not make any noise! I can not restart it just turns over and over! I changed Fuel Pump, Coil Pack, Ignition Module, MAP Sensor, Temperature coolant Sensor. I changed spark plugs and wires about a year ago. The fuel and air filter are new as well. In fact everything is new or has just recently been replaced. checked the air filter, all seems to be ok I am getting good fuel press and still all is does is turn over. All I know is that I do not have spark when I turn it over. Please help winter is coming and walking is not fun up here!

You have changed just about every part that controls the spark except the Crank Shaft sensor! The cam sensor controls the firing of the injectors the crank sensor tells the computer to allow the spark to happen. I suspect the crank sensor is the area I would check next. Do you occasionally get (one) spark when you turn the key off and on? If so, change the crank sensor! Let me know what you find!


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