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James my 2005 Dodge pickup one ton will not shift correctly. It is in “Limp Mode” according to the dealership and they think a fan clutch will solve the problem. My question is: How can I figure this problem out without changing the fan clutch? Walter in Lynn Haven

Walter, I have heard of this problem with Ford Diesel Trucks and you can unplug the electric fan clutch to see if the shifting gets better. What has been explained to me by automotive engineers this is a way to catch the driver’s attention with a problem before it becomes a major problem. So when the fan clutch fails to work as it should the computer tells the “check engine light” to come on. Unfortunately most people ignore this light, so if the condition is not fixed soon the computer puts the transmission is “limp mode” to get the drivers attention. This normally means a trip to the dealer or independent shop that has the proper testing equipment and training to diagnose the problem. Stop in for a free test drive and consultation so that we can point you in the right direction!


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