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James, I have a 2007 F-250 and I pull a tractor with this truck. With the trailer hooked up the rear end really squats down. Should I put air shocks on to solve this problem? Dave in Youngstown

Dave putting air shocks on may help your problem but I would recommend that you consider something more permanent and heavier duty. Such as adding additional leaf springs to the rear suspension able to handle the heavier load of a trailer. The problem with doing this procedure is the ride will be rougher when you take the trailer off. I do know that they make a kit that acts as a torsion bar on your suspension and only works when you have a heavy load. This would be the type system I would think about installing to give you a smooth ride without a load and a controlled more stable ride when you have a heavy load. Go to this website to see if this will work for your truck.


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