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James, My 1987 Nissan pick up just had a new radio/CD player installed. Soon after I noticed I don’t have running lights in the front and rear as well as my tag light is out. I disconnected the radio hot wire and checked all the fuses. Everything seems to be okay. Is it possible that installing the radio caused this problem? Neil in St. Joe

Neil, Yes it is possible that a wire or a connection was knocked loose when the radio/CD player was installed. If all the fuses are good then and you are sure the bulbs are good then I would look at the headlight switch located on the steering column. This “multifunction switch” controls your turn signals and your headlights. It is a high failure item on any car that has this type headlight switch. To verify that it is not a wiring problem try “back feeding” your lights at the light socket itself with a jumper wire from your battery. If all the light come on then look and see which wire is not getting power at the multifunction switch. If you want to get a wiring harness diagram to make sure that you are looking at it correctly go to the internet and go to for an online repair manual for your truck that is good for a year. It’s the best $25.00 you will ever spend.


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