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I drive a '95 Honda Accord (4-cylinder non V-Tech) with 178K miles. It runs great and has no problems other than standard wear and tear and Honda problems (ignition and distributor both under warranty). - My question, is there anything behind all of the hype with "high mileage" products like high mileage oil, or oil filters, fuel injector cleaner, etc? - Also, the guys at “parts store” swear by Lucas oil. I have used Mobil fully synthetic in my vehicle for quite sometime, will mixing the conventional Lucas oil hurt or help?

Most people have in their mind that once a car has high mileage (over 75,000 miles) that their car needs special oils or products to help extend the life of the engine. What I am going to say may be disputed by the people at the part stores or the local engine oil salesman, so here goes! Nothing is more superior to go in your engines crankcase or transmission than 100% molecule by molecule man made synthetic oil, Period! There are only two (2) 100% fully synthetic oils on the market today. Amsoil and Mobile One are the only oils that fit into this definition. Other oil company’s may claim that they are 100% synthetic and ARE to the U.S. Government’s definition of fully synthetic oil. Yet these oils start out as a petroleum base stock and have had additives added and heated until it “qualifies” to be 100% synthetic by the US Government’s definition! In my opinion, along with some independent automotive engineers this oil is not as superior compared to fully “molecule by molecule” man made synthetic oil. When they (automotive engineers) test the different types of synthetic oils on their multi-million dollar equipment the difference is quite impressive. The 100% molecule by molecule oil was deemed far superior over the petroleum base synthetic oils. So if you were running petroleum oil in your car then SOMETIMES these “long life” additives can be a big help! In my opinion if you are running fully synthetic oil and you don’t leak oil or burn oil. Then don’t change a thing! You can’t buy anything any better that will protect and help your engine or transmission than 100% synthetic oil or transmission fluid.


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