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I have an 88 Sundance that currently is getting only 10 mpg. Additionally, while driving at about 40mph and 2000 rpm the car bucks like a mechanical bull. It feels like the engine is cutting out, but the rpm does not waiver. About a year ago I had the pick-up coil replaced in the distributor because the engine would cut out and stop running after it reached operating temperature.

Start with the cars very own self diagnosis of its computer system. You will need to do the following test: 1) Turn your ignition switch from off to on, back to off then to on, then off and back to on. (Three times total) 2) When you do this, the check engine light will flash code(s) 3) It will flash one long flash and two short flashes this is a code 12 (it means the battery has been disconnected in the last 50 key starts) The final code it will flash is 5 long flashes and 5 short flashes code 55 (this means no other codes found) Write back and tell me what codes YOUR cars computer "See's" between the code 12 and the code 55. I suspect you have a vacuum leak that is causing the problem.


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