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How often should spark plugs be changed on most cars?

Boy, this subject is open for discussion among a lot of people in the automotive repair industry. This is what I say and the manufacture says along the same lines. Change your spark plugs according to the owner’s manual recommendation! Most people are driving under severe conditions. So please look up what the manufacture recommends for severe service! You will notice when they are removed that they are NOT normally wore out. In fact I’ve taken spark plugs out that had over 70,000 miles, and they still look new! The reason you want to change them is to keep them from becoming stuck in the cylinder head! After about 80,000 to 100,000 miles the metal in the spark plugs and cylinder head have a tendency to “weld” to each other. This is the main reason you want to change the spark plugs is to keep them from becoming ONE with the head! Being ONE with the universe is one thing! Having a spark plugs become “ONE” in your cylinder head is something you don’t want to happen!


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