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I ran across your web site during a search and figured I would ask you a question. What can happen if you replace the distributor on a 1995 Camaro but you didn't disconnect the battery terminal? I hope you can prove me right to my hubby.

I try not to take sides in domestic disputes. I do know that if you have the ignition KEY ON and you change the distributor you may get the engine to try to start or “turn over “which could be dangerous to the person working on the car. If the ignition KEY IS OFF then nothing will happen to the technician or the car in 99.9% of the time. It is just the .01% you need to worry about Disconnecting the battery is good safety procedure that should be followed anytime you are working on an engine. This way you can make sure that electronic parts will not get an ”Electrical Spike” which could damage sensitive electrical components. Disconnecting the battery will help guarantee your husband will not get hurt from unexpected mechanical movement of the engine.


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