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My van has (3) dome lights a main center piece and a map light on either side of the main light controlled by an ON/OFF switch. The map lights work fine, but the center section stays ON and will not cut OFF unless the fuse is removed, which also controls the outside mirrors, sun visor mirrors etc. This started when I had the headliner replaced, the van was bought new and never had a problem like this before. By trial and error the headliner place and I have made them work for a very short time but then goes back to staying ON all the time. The headliner people has checked there work twice in fact the second time tore out the new headliner down to the metal checked the wiring front to back , everything looked good.

I suspect that the vans computer thinks a door is open! You say it works fine for a short while then goes back to the light staying on. This overhead “courtesy light” comes on with the on/off dash switch as well as when you open the doors. My advice is to find a shop in your town that can access the Body Control Module (BCM) with a “Tech 2 scanner” or at least a current “updated” generic scanner that is capable of accessing the BCM. The Tech 2 scanner is the one the dealership uses as well as my shop for 1996 and later GM products. It is designed to be bi-directional (to turn on and off components to make sure they are working as designed.) So contact your local independent auto repair shop and ask them if they can access the BCM on your truck? If they can, they should be able to pinpoint which door switch may be faulty. From past experience I have found the driver’s door switch goes bad, due to being opened more than any other door. You can go to my website to watch the radio/TV show since you live out of town. And when you do come back to visit Panama City my radio show is now on FM 94.5 WFLA every Saturday morning 9 till 11. Safety tip from James: Insure your tire pressure is where it should be for your car or truck. Properly inflated tires will make your car handle better as well as get better fuel mileage. Remember that 7 lbs too low of air pressure can cause your car to hydroplane in a ½ of water at 30 mph! You can check your tires visually with a color coded tire pressure monitors that screw on the tire valve stem. They are very inexpensive and do a great job. And in most cases the tires will slow down loosing air from leaking valve stems.


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