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I have an exhaust leak around the manifold that I am going to have fixed soon! I have been hearing a “new” ticking noise. My manifold gasket has been bad for about a year now but the “tick” is recent. What is the ticking and what is the chance the motor will croak on me? The truck has 130+ thousand miles 2wd no A/C. 4 cylinder extended cab...

The ticking may be the exhaust leak is getting bigger or you may have another more sinister problem. I do know that timing chains can make a lot of noise on this model with a “ticking or rattling sound”. If it was me I would go to an independent professional repair shop and have them listen to the noise. Noises are very hard to hear through email letters so please stop by for a free test drive and consultation. All that will cost is 15 minutes of your time!


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