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I have 2002 Toyota Tacoma automatic with 92,000 miles. When I turn hard to the left I hear a squeaking noise. This happens more when the truck is warmed up. I also smell something after I have driven 20 plus miles like a fluid is burning. Do you have any ideas?

Noises are really hard to diagnose through email so here goes! If you turn hard and you hear a squeaking it just might be a loose belt. Sometimes automatic belt tensioners loose their ability to keep belts tight. So when you turn hard you may get a “squeaking” or “squealing” noise. You might smell the serpentine belt “slipping”. This can give you the burning smell that you have noticed. Here is the best advice I can give: Find the best shop in your town and ask them to go for a test drive with you to hear the noise and smell what is burning. Once they hear it and smell it, have them put a solution together to repair this problem! Have them “guarantee” that this will solve your problem once and for all! In most cases reputable shops will charge you for a written guaranteed quote/estimate. Sometimes they may apply this cost estimate towards the repair if it is applicable.


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