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I have a 1990 Silverado and I want to swap the stock 350 to a 2003 6.0L Vortec engine. My question is, ”What parts do I need to swap over to do this job correctly?

Forest Gump would say “Stupid is, as stupid does!” Doing this type of engine swap, borders on the edge of being a mechanics nightmare! It would require everything from the engine and transmission, steering column, security alarm computer(s) even the trucks speedometer cluster. It will require the complete wiring harness from the other truck as well as the fuel tank. The problem is every thing is different! Computers, wiring harness, fuel pump, Anti-Theft system, etc, etc, If you do decide to do this then you might as well take everything from a wrecked 2003 pick up truck and install it on the 1990 Chevy truck. And I mean everything from one truck to the other. I would not attempt such a job unless I had an extensive background in electronics and mechanics. Plus a serious desire to tackle a really challenging conversion project. Even if you had all of the tools and parts to swap over, it still would be a really a tough swap! It is a job that may not be worth all the headaches unless you just really have your mind made up to do this.


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