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I just put a new fan clutch on my 1995 GMC Blazer. Now when I take off from a stop it sounds like a jet engine, till I reach about 35 MPH. The old one didn’t do this and I‘ve had the truck since it was new. Any idea’s about what the problem is?

All I can suggest is for you to buy the original “fan clutch” from the manufacture. Most of the ones you buy from parts stores are inexpensive and make lots of noise! They MAY also decrease your fuel mileage especially on the hiway. Why it makes noise till you get 35 MPH is the fan clutch is staying engaged and is not “free wheeling!” Thus the sound like a jet engine! The “Fan Clutch” that came with your Blazer will only engage when the radiator gets to operating temperature. Until the engine gets hot enough the “Fan Clutch” just freewheels. When the engine reaches operating temperature it will “engage” and “pull” air through the radiator to cool the engine down. It will normally engage when you are sitting at a traffic light! It is not needed when you are moving down the road because you have enough air moving through the radiator to keep it cool. The main reason you are using more fuel is your “fan clutch” never “free wheels” or disengages! If it does not “free wheel” while you are going down the highway, it makes your engine work harder. This means you burn more fuel and spend more money than you really need too! My advice is to pay the extra money and get the right part for your Blazer. You are paying at the gas pump the money you thought you saved by buying a lesser quality part!


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