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Please advise me on my 1997 Ford Ranger. I’m hooking up an after market tachometer and the instructions tell me to hookup the green wire of the tachometer to the ECM (Computer) The instructions say it is on the passenger side of dash?? The instructions say hook up or splice into the tan/yellow stripe wire pin # 48. Where is the ECM located? I can’t find it and what does it look like?? It really would help to know what I’m looking for. Also pin 48 what is this?

On this model look behind the right front passenger side "kick panel" (under the dash) behind this is the ECM. (Or computer) You will need to remove the ECM and look at the numbers that are stamped into the top of the connector. I believe there are “88 pins” on this computer and they are all numbered at the beginning and end of each row of pins. If you are not sure and need pictures of the parts and the harness connector then you will need to purchase a repair manual or purchase an online repair subscription. Go to my website and go to my “links page” and click on the Alldata website. This will be the best $25 you will spend for repairing your car or truck. Now and in the future.


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