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My 2004 Suzuki Verona currently has 6,897 miles and was purchase “New” in June 2006 with 46 miles on the odometer In August this year the car was driven to Tyndall AFB from Lynn Haven and stalled dead at a stop light and would not restart immediately after several tries. It was finally started and driven off the road to call for assistance. The A/C was on and no engine light or any other abnormalities were noted. The 2nd time was in my driveway after the car had been sitting for 3 days without running. It refused to start again…then after several tries it would run but stumbled and sputtered and the transmission shifted roughly. I took it to the dealer for a check out (under warranty). They stated there was nothing “wrong” that they could detect because the “check engine” light never came on. They reprogrammed the computer and checked for any technical updates and none were found. The car ran normally (very smooth actually) for about 2 weeks, then without warning, stalled while stopped in a left turn into traffic.

I would look at the "wave pattern" of the fuel pump. I have seen "new" cars have intermittent drivability problems from a defective or faulty fuel pump. The shop will need a low amp inductive clamp and a lab scope. They may look at you funny if you ask them to do this.


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