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I had a question that I thought you might be able to help me on. I just recently purchased a 2002 Oldsmobile intrigue and didn't notice until I left the lot that the inside light would not turn off. I called the person that sold it to me and he advised me that they would turn off once we started driving. I drove 5 hours all the way home and nope them suckers were still on. All the doors were closed correctly and I checked every switch to see if it would turn them off but nothing turned them off. I even tried to remove fuses and nothing worked. They stay on even if the car is off and no key is not in the ignition. What could it be?

In most cases the dome light switch is turned all the way to the left which will turn on the interior lights. If this is not the case then you will need to find a shop that can access the "Body Control Module" (BCM). Once a shop is able to access the BCM the scanner will tell the technician what "switch" is commanding the interior lights to come on. This vehicle has a fuse box under the steering wheel and one in the engine compartment. This may be why the interior light stays on after you pulled the fuses. If you are local writer call Tom to set an appointment for a test drive and consultation. If you are far, far away find a shop that has a Tech 2 scanner to access this information from the BCM. This is the scanner that General Motors recommends to be used on their 96 and newer cars and trucks. I will talk more about your concern on this Saturdays Radio show. So download the TV/Radio show @ and see if I come up with any more information to help.


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