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At low rpm's my vehicle runs rough and check engine light comes on; plus the brake pedal becomes hard. I have run injector clean thru & changed underbody fuel filter. It will run really great for a day & then repeat this problem. When I stop the motor surges & acts as if it will die; then I shift into neutral to keep it from dying!

I suspect you have a problem with the way the EGR is operating. If it is, then you will need to get a shop or maybe a parts store to read what code you have before proceeding. In the past I have had a similar experience on this very model. The truck had an EGR code (Exhaust Gas Recirculation). This EGR valve is called a linear EGR valve (this means it is electrically controlled) It is located right under the Throttle Body or what some people call the Throttle plate. In most cases it has a small piece of carbon stuck between the needle and seat of the EGR valve. This causes low engine vacuum which causes the hard brake pedal and rough idle and thus the check engine light. In simple terms over the years old dried up carbon as built up in the exhaust ports going to the EGR valve. This in turn has gotten stuck in the EGR valve causing it to become damaged over the years. Solution to this problem (if this is the problem) is to replace EGR valve and gasket. I would seek a professional repair shop to do this if I were you. Just the 1/4 inch 10 mm swivel socket to remove the EGR valve is something most "Do it yourselfer's" don't have access to. Plus being able to de-carbonize the exhaust ports correctly is another matter. If you are local please stop by for a free test drive and consultation. If your not, find the best drive-ability repair shop in your town and have them fix it right the first time. Good shops aren't expensive they are priceless!


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