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I have a 2000 Toyota Tundra pick up with a V-8, automatic transmission. I have an idle problem with the air conditioning OFF. The vehicle idles too low and may shut off. It will restart with no problems. With A/C on idles with no problems. I have no warning lights or engine faults indications any time during this problem. Vehicle has high road miles about 190K.

Bruce, start with: 1) Cleaning the "throttle body" with a throttle body cleaner and a soft cloth ONLY! 2) Be sure that you clean the “Idle Air Control Valve” that is located under the Throttle Body with the aerosol “Throttle Body Cleaner” 3) To clean the “Idle Control Valve” Spray the cleaner in the small hole that is located inside the throttle body that goes to the Idle Control Valve. If this does not "help" your problem then you may have a problem elsewhere. If it helps for a while, then starts to act up again. Look into changing the Idle Air Control Valve. It controls the idle by controlling a "vacuum leak". After they get as many miles as yours, they just get tired and may "act stupid" and cause the problems you are describing.


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