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I have a 1996 Geo Tracker with the 4 cylinder 16 valve engine. The engine does not want to accelerate. It seems to bog down and slowly starts to build up engine speed over several seconds. It seems that when the rpm reaches close to 3000 rpm it appears to have more power... The local Chevy dealer looked at it for 3 hours and could not find the problem. They tested timing, fault codes, compression, air induction, etc. The one item they could not test was fuel pressure because they did not have the adapter to connect a gauge. From what I learned about Injector fuel systems it seems that a faulty fuel regulator may be the problem. Does this sound like a feasible answer? Do you have any suggestion? The fuel gauge also seems to be dropping faster than usual. The engine rpm at 55 mph is about 2100 and it feels quite doggy and does not respond very well. If I shift into second it again seems more responsive but then the engine rpm is high.

I would like to say that if they can't run a fuel pressure test you need to find a better equipped shop! Unless you can do a pressure, volume, static, wave pattern test then you can't tell much about your fuel "delivery" system. These tests I’m describing are found on my web site under the "tech training" link. A fuel pump can pass the pressure, volume and static test and still not be any good. This is why the "wave pattern" test will show if you have a problem with the fuel pump. You will see good as well as bad fuel pump wave patterns on my web page. I doubt that the injectors are faulty because you mention the car ides well and just seems to "Lack Power". If the fuel system DOES check out properly try removing an upstream O2 sensor ahead of the Catalytic Converter. I have seen partially clogged converters have similar symptoms that you are describing. If you are a local then please call my service advisor for a time to come in for a free test drive and consultation.


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