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While driving my 1993 ford Ranger XLT4x4 to work I hit a pot hole and the lights, radio, brake lights all went out and the ABS light on the dash started flashing. First off, I don't have ABS so I am already confused. I pulled over and checked all the fuses both under the dash and hood but all were good. After about 15 min of looking around under the hood I slammed it shut, then all the lights and radio came back on. The bad news is the ABS light is still flashing. Later on my journey I reached over and turned the dome light on and POW, everything went out again. Sounds like a short but I don't have a clue where to begin. I do all the work on this vehicle but electrical issues tend to give me some trouble. What are you thoughts and thanks for you help?

Start looking at all your body and computer grounds starting at the battery and go to all body connections on the firewall, engine etc. You MAY have a ground problem and you need to do the "wiggle" test to find it. This means you "wiggle" every connection and "gently" tug on them. Good luck! P.S. this might be the time to find a good shop in your town:o)


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